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BlendFit Online

Whether you enjoy Pilates or Boxing, Barre or Strength work; the combination of techniques used across the BlendFit classes will see your body achieving faster results than ever before.


I run all my classes on my APP – there is a two-tier membership at £19.99 or £24.99 per month:

  • Get access to all my live classes (5 x 45 minute classes per week)

  • Full access to the library of class recordings

  • Access to BlendKitchen

  • Quarterly programmes and challenges

  • Exclusive community access

Sarah Gorman

It’s a win win! You get to work out with me in real time.

PLUS you can work out in your own time with all the class recordings at your fingertips!


The Live classes are uploaded after each session meaning the library of classes is ever growing. Your membership also gives you access to the entire bank of my class recordings.

"One of the many things I love about BlendFit Online is that if you join a live class, but get interrupted, you can pause the live and come back to exactly where you left off! How good is that – no more missing workouts because the postman knocked!"


Discover My 
Membership Plans and Get Unlimited Access

Weekly Schedule

Monday 9:15am - BlendMove

Tuesday 9:15am  - BlendStrong

Wednesday 8:30pm - BlendBreathe

Thursday 9:15am - BlendBarre

Saturday 8:30am - BlendFit

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